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Explore all the different coffee styles that Vertuo has to offer. From Espresso to Alto, there is a Vertuo capsule to suit your every mood.

Exceptional coffee is no accident. It must be sourced, harvested and crafted – consistently and without compromise – adhering to our principles of quality.

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Enjoy your one-of-a-kind sensory coffee experience that combines a smooth taste, full body and rich crema. Even in a bigger cup. Coffee, redefined.

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Explore our coffee world

The taste of a coffee depends on its blend composition and terroir.


Various types of Arabicas and Robustas.


Altitude, soil composition and climate temperature.


How bold can you go? Go full-bodied for a powerful experience or keep it gentle and light-bodied. Take your pick.


Dark or distinguished. Find out what level of bitterness is for you.


Choose what level of fuller, richer roast flavours you prefer in your Nespresso Vertuo coffee.

Dominant aromatic notes define the aromatic profile, the character of the coffee, regardless of its intensity. Aromatic notes are clustered into 3 aromatic families:


Flowery, Citrus, Fruity-wine


Honey, Cereals, Roasted


Cocoa, Spicy, Woody,Intensely roasted

Each coffee has been developed in a given cup size to deliver optimal taste and texture.

With a range of cup sizes developed to suit any preference, and a one-touch operation on the Vertuo machine, making the perfect coffee has never been easier.


Inspiring sustainability

Ever since our journey began with coffee more than 25 years ago, we have been supporting sustainability with the same passion and expertise. We are committed to ensuring the highest qualityInspiring sustainability and sustainability of your coffee through a comprehensive programme, with observable results. Because sustainability justifies the means.

More about sustainability

Responsibility means recyclability

Nespresso capsules are made from aluminum to guarantee the freshness of the carefully crafted aromas and rich flavours of your coffee experience. By adding capsule recycling to your coffee ritual, your Nespresso won't only taste good, it feels good too.

Nespresso. What else?

Get the most out of your Nespresso coffee experience knowing we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. We source the highest quality coffee to create a wide variety of authentic flavours – all at the touch of a button.

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