Nespresso Customer Facing Policy

This Nespresso Customer Facing Policy (the “Customer Policy”) delineates the terms regulating warranty, return, and replacement transactions between Nespresso and its customers (the "Customer/s"), in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce, particularly the Consumer’s Rights Guide and the relevant laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which include the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, the Commercial Data Law, the Commercial Agency Law and the E-commerce Law.

Pre-requisites and Disclaimers

  1. In order to claim any rights related to a purchased item from Nespresso, Customers are required to furnish the original invoice or receipt;
  2. The Customer remains responsible at all times to inspect Nespresso products for any defects prior to purchase.

Returns & Replacements

  1. Except for Coffee sleeves and Bites (provided they are defect-free upon delivery), all items are eligible for return or replacement, subject to the following conditions:
    • Item must be in perfect condition and free of scratches or signs of misuse;
    • Original packing along with the box, user manuals, complete removable parts, and warranty must be returned with the device; and
    • A report on the condition of the returned item from the Nespresso’s WH might be required prior to replacement or return.
  2. Subject to the conditions set out in point 1, all items (including machines and accessories) purchased directly from Nespresso can be replaced or returned within fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase or delivery (if such delivery date is verified through the invoice).
  3. The Customer is not entitled to a return if:
    • The purchased item is a customized product or a product manufactured at the Customer’s request, except for defective products or products that do not meet agreed specifications;
    • If the defect is attributed to the Customer’s mishandling of the product;
    • If the purchase item is a product that cannot be resold for health reasons;
    • If the purchase item is a product containing several elements that have been merged and cannot be returned to its original condition;
    • If the product is liable to deteriorate within the period of permissibility;
    • For any other reason set out in the Ministry of Commerce’s rules, regulations and laws.
  4. Upon receipt of the item to be returned by Nespresso, Nespresso will refund you the purchase price of the returned item within seven (7) working days. Nespresso will reimburse your purchase price (excluding shipping costs and costs of return) for the returned item in the original form of payment, unless otherwise agreed between Nespresso and the Customer in writing. In certain circumstances involving cash payment, in-store credit, Nespresso gift card, or returned gift item, Nespresso reserves the right to offer reimbursement through account or in-store credit.
  5. Nespresso reserves the right not to accept the returns of products that are harmful to human health and safety.

Warranty, After-Sale & Spare Parts

  1. Each machine purchased directly from Nespresso, either via its website, Customer Relation Center, or at a Nespresso retail boutique location, comes with a two-year limited warranty.
  2. Cleaning and descaling the machines are not covered under warranty repairs.
  3. Detailed warranty information is included in the applicable user manual delivered with the machine. Warranty information for a machine is also available prior to purchase on the Nespresso website, at Nespresso retail boutique locations, or by request from the Nespresso Customer Relation Center.
  4. Warranty is provided by replacing defective spare parts in case of a factory defect and not necessarily by replacing the device or refunding its value.
  5. As a condition for the warranty, the defect or damage shall not be the result of the Customer's misuse, non-abidance by the instructions for use as provided in the device manual found inside the box or the instructions given on webpages or digital agreements upon the device activation, the Customer’s negligence, accidents, intentional damage, maintenance works made in contradiction with the manufacturers' recommendations or negligence in maintenance.
    Additionally, failures resulting from the following scenarios are also excluded from warranty service:
    1. Breakage, dents, or an exposure to the external factors such as liquids, moisture or high heat; and/or
    2. Attempts repair or maintenance process by unauthorized party that is not approved by the warrantor as well as using non-SASO certified spare parts.
  6. The warranty repair shall commence within seven (7) working days from the date of the application’s submission. The warranty repair period should be decided by Nespresso upon inspection of the product delivered for maintenance. Please be aware that the time required to procure spare part from the manufacturer is not counted in the warranty repair period, and neither are Eid nor official holidays.
  7. Nespresso maintenance procedure requires Customers to remove the removable parts and detachable components such as water/milk tanks, drip tray and used-capsule drawer prior delivering the machine for maintenance. Customers are advised to follow Nespresso’s recommendations for machine delivery for maintenance. Nespresso shall not be held responsible for the loss of any removable parts that may occur during the maintenance process.
  8. Nespresso will provide spare parts and maintenance services for its machines for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. Should your machine require servicing after the expiration of the abovementioned five (5) years duration, please contact Nespresso Customer Relation Center. Nespresso offers a series of advantageous after-sales service options.
  9. If an old part has been replaced under warranty and the Customer did not pay for it, the Customer may only inspect the old part. Where the old part is detrimental to the environment, Nespresso reserves the right to dispose of it or discard it in a safely manner.
  10. During the warranty period, if Nespresso fails to repair a recurring defect covered by the warranty, and (i) reoccurrence of the defect results in the benefit of the product being totally or substantially lost, the market value thereof being affected, or the safety of its use being affected, or (ii) if Nespresso fails to repair a problem of the electrical and electronic product twice, or if the repair duration takes more than fifteen (15) days not including the period for delivering spare parts, or (iii) for any other reason set forth by the rules, regulations and laws of the Ministry of Commerce, the Customer is entitled to receive either one of the following options:
    1. a replacement product of the same category and specifications upon payment of the fair usage price; or
    2. a refund of its purchase price after deduction of the fair usage value.
  11. Nespresso is not responsible for any defect or internal damage that are discovered and was not reported by the Customer when submitting the machine for maintenance.
  12. The Customer acknowledges the accuracy of the information mentioned in the maintenance request form, and in the event of any inaccuracies, Nespresso reserves the right to cancel the order and return it to the Customer, considering the product type and the Customer’s address.
  13. The Customer acknowledges that maintenance requests will be canceled if the machine is not delivered by the Customer to ASC within three (3) working days or after three (3) pick attempts from the courier.
  14. Nespresso offers six (6) months guarantee following completion of repairs not covered by standard warranty.
  15. Nespresso shall not be held responsible for any machine left unclaimed and/or not picked up by Customer from ASC within a period of sixty (60) days.
  16. If you encounter any problems or have any questions concerning the functioning, maintenance or after-sales service of your machine, please contact Nespresso via our website or by telephone for advice and assistance.
If your machine problem cannot be resolved via remote assistance, please contact Nespresso on 8001166612.

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