Italia Amaretti - VL

Aromatic Filter

We Deliver all across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Cup Size
Gran Lungo
Double Espresso
Aromatic Notes
Aromatic Profile
Sweet and velvety

The base espresso for the Variations flavoured coffees is a sweet and velvety blend of Latin American and African Arabicas with a soft biscuit note. Brazilian coffee gives the blend roundness and balance, whilst Ethiopian coffee in the second split brings delicate aromatics and finesse. Into that smooth blend come the bittersweet almond and vanilla flavours that make Variations Amaretti a nugget of goodness.

We split roast the Arabica coffees in Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour. The Brazilian beans are roasted medium dark and quickly to develop their sweetness, and the second split gives this Vertuo flavoured coffee its velvety texture. We add the almond and vanilla flavour in after roasting.
Aromatic Profile
Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour is a true treat. Its classic almond note lands in harmony with the subtle hint of vanilla and sponge cake laced through this smooth and sweet flavoured espresso.